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Land located at Bora Bora Atoll. The land is intended for the construction of recreational facilities. For personal or commercial use. The total area of the land is approximately 9.3 acres.

Seller ( owner ):
SARL Jardin d'Eden (registered in French Polynesia). The two owners at the general meeting voted to sell the properties listed below for here above price.

Object of sale:
131yd sandy beach at the edge of the lagoon (sunset) and 131yd from the coral beach at the edge of the ocean (sunrise side).

The following buildings are located on the ground:

(they do not make the object of sale, the buyer gets them free when buying land, all buildings are approved)

  1. 105m jetty (it is now extremely difficult to get permission to build a private jetty)

  2. Restaurant

  3. Kitchen

  4. Food Facilities

  5. Outdoor Pool

  6. Bungalows - 4 on the beach and 3 in the garden

  7. Simple manager house

  8. Background

  9. Laundry

  10. Solar power station

  11. Emergency generator 45kW

  12. There is a source of fresh water well

• A 28-line telephone line is brought under the lagoon

Deposit non-refundable but deductible on a notary account. 1% of selling price / per month. Maximum booking period 3 months. All selling costs are covered by the buyer. The above is the net price for the seller. The price should be increased by an intermediate commission, real estate transfer tax. (in the case of real estate sales, it is about 13%)

The sale is legally guaranteed by a notary:
(in case of serious interest, I will provide a detailed contact)

    Price: 305.727.000 CFP = $ 2.997.323

You need EU passport or EU company to buy real estate or company in French Polynesia.

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